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What Xtra could do simply

Others accounting or archiving softwares provide the user with many options and tools to make the overall software customized and suitable for your business, BUT it's limited to the Accounting, Payroll and sometimes Customer-relationship management. To create all the necessary forms and workflow in order to build a single integrated administrative system that works for all members and sections of the company from the secretarial department to the department managers in order to increase the level of interaction between tasks with the support of the use of integrated business management systems, Office functions, services and human resources through recording and automating the data of all company or enterprise records in one technical space


The Xtra platform runs on the Microsoft SQL Server database and fully supports all versions up to SQL 2016 to provide reliability and high security for information

Support smart devices

Xtra provides the possibility of recording financial transactions such as bonds, invoices and some reports according to the user's powers, in addition to Online order system

Customize and build windows

Any user can design and create any new window that meets his or her business requirements for archiving, timeliness, statistics or special operations

Fixed assets

The Xtra system provides simple methods that help you to inventory all assets, classify them and deliver them to branches or employees with the depreciation account and issue restrictions to the accounting system

POS and branches

If your organization consists of several branches and several points of sale in different locations, there is no platform better than Xtra for this task, through the synchronization service and work online together

Technical support

The Technical Support team provides its services to the program's investors in a flexible and seamless manner and according to user segments from ordinary users and even developers to the program environment

possibility of developing the platform

The Xtra platform provides unlimited development in data archiving, archiving and storage, or through the Report Designer, which enables the creation of any report

Human resources system

This module offers all the advantages necessary to fully automate this section, such as self, staff, tasks and payroll generation in cooperation with the Accounting Department.

Quality management systems

The platform provides the possibility of implementing the systems by providing all the necessary tools to automate the necessary documents, procedures and reports to achieve a flexible and reliable system

Our most important programs

The diversity of software applications and the multiplicity of patterns of investors required us to meet the demands of the software and to implement them in a completely new way to maintain the quality and high quality experienced by our customers. Therefore, the accounting and administrative work has to be divided into three basic platforms to meet the demands and provide integrated software solutions that suit all institutions and companies

Xtra platform

Desktop software

Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Web applications and POS

Applications and Online Services

Works on any operating system

EasyBooks Accounting Software

Desktop software

Microsoft Access 

available templates to work

Note: These models are not only built by our company, but have been built by many of our clients as well as sister companies

Real Estate Management

Support for sales and lease contracts

Full definition of real estate

Maintenance and warranty

Premiums, loans and restrictions

Detailed reports and quick search

Restaurants and cafes

Fast and flexible ordering system

Automatically expulsion raw products

Payment in several ways

Multiple kitchens and presses

Print only new orders

Management of a charity

Beneficiary data

Financial assignments and restrictions

Generating monthly payments

Full archival session

Confirm receipt by fingerprint

Car management

Comprehensive car receipt file

Spare parts and date of validity

Fuel control and consumption ratios

Drivers and insurance control

Customs clearance and shipment

Adjust shipping and transportation operations

Manage and archive documents

Clearances and restrictions

Customer care system

Follow-up transaction online

Infection control system

OR sheet

Laboratory Report

Serveillance laboratory system control

Tabular of Antibiogram

Internal,External Notification

Order system and delegates

Online Order Billing System

Adjust the order stages

Provides customers with an online account statement and follow up their order until they arrive

Hospitals and clinics

Link all sections and automate them

Monitor the room mode

System of doctors and hours ratios

Trace the kitchen and customize it to the rooms

Manufacturing and Labeling

Infinite manufacturing patterns

Stages of manufacturing, supervision and costs

Different manufacturing patterns for stages

Link with workers' wages

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